The Baltics offer a progressive, western-oriented business environment with a well-educated multilingual workforce, a simple and favorable tax system and an efficient business scene and world class ICT infrastructure. The region represents a market of 7 million people and many other Dutch investors have found their way to the region already.  The Netherlands is in the top 5 of biggest foreign investors in the region after Sweden and Finland.

Talent and potential

All three countries have very open economies and the volume of exports of goods and services exceeds 95% of GDP.  Traditional craftsmanship, such as woodworking, metalworking and technical manufacturing are well developed in the region. The transport and logistics sectors also contribute significantly to GDP.

The embassies have identified energy, water management and the creative industries as sectors in which they can be of good service to Dutch companies.

Strategic location

With their unique location on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the region's countries have highly advanced ice-free ports and all three play an important part in the busy East and West trading route with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. 

The population of the three countries combined is more than 7 million, but because of their proximity to Russia and the CEE region, the Baltic nations could potentially reach a consumer market of 250 million.