Foreign investments made by Dutch companies in Estonia form 10% of the total foreign investments which makes the Netherlands the third largest foreign investor in Estonia. Largest companies operating here are well-known Dutch companies like Vopak EOS, Akzo Nobel who have also made considerable investments here. However, the scope of Dutch entrepreneurs in Estonia is much wider. A company called Kraver, for example, is mining and exporting peat from Estonia, Interchemie Werken De Adelaar is producing veterinary products and medicines, Pinea is offering solid wood, upholstered, metal and rattan furniture, a subsidiary of Trafigura operates two storage and blending transit terminals in Estonia and Mediq Eesti OÜ (part of the Mediq Group) is one of the leading wholesalers in the field of healthcare products in Estonia. Latest investment is being done by ABC Board Company who is building a factory here to produce ECOboard from forest cuttings and horticultural waste.

Also, international companies like Unilever, TNT and Philips have offices in Estonia.

In the field of ICT, Linxtelecom (part of the Linx Group) should be mentioned. It is an international connectivity services provider which owns and operates a high capacity submarine fiber network covering the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Newcomer to Estonia is Satprof, Dutch Broadcast Technology and Solutions company with subsidiaries in the UK, Estonia and New Delhi.

Also, many smaller and family businesses are well-established in Estonia. One of the most exclusive hotel and restaurant, Pädaste is a good example as well as florist Peter Boeijkens and his company Unusual Projects. Moreover, Juustukuningad, a quickly developing chain of Dutch cheese shops, is the latest success story. Rattanurk (Wheelcorner) is another newcomer, selling Hollandia bicycles. Last but not the least, a couple of Dutch families are engaged in farming in Estonia.